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1. Marketing

Our services cover every element you need to make your marketing activity effective. Each one is available as a standalone service or as a complete package.

Marketing identity

  • A strong, positive identity is essential for any business. Whether you’re a new business starting from scratch, or your existing branding needs a refresh, I will help you create the right impression.
  • Your identity should be consistent across all your marketing material, including your website. And it starts with your logo. After researching your target market, I’ll advise you on the identity best suited to the personality of your business and to engage your audience.
  • I’ll project manage everything for you which includes briefing my talented and trusted contacts such as graphic and website designers, photographers, video makers and printers. They’ll bring the identity to life from initial concepts through to print.

Marketing strategy

  • A clear, well thought through marketing strategy is important for any business. Once it’s in place, it’s easier to understand where you are now, and how and why targeted marketing actions will grow your business.
  • I’ll develop a marketing strategy specifically for your business and present my findings, which will be benchmarked against your competition, in a full-day meeting.

Marketing content

  • I’ll help you develop marketing content for a range of materials, including
    • Branding & designing
    • Studio & production
    • Social media contents
    • Influencer recruitment
    • Advertising

Website development and design

  • A website is an important marketing tool. It should engage potential customers and persuade them to buy your products and services.
  • I’ll do a thorough and honest review of your website to make sure it does the best job possible for you. My report will include an in-depth Google analytics review of the site so we can identify where the traffic is coming from as well as visitor demographics. I’ll also suggest any amendments to structure, content, navigation, or design that I feel are necessary.
We keep businesses thriving with managed IT solutions and services.

2. IT Consulting and User Support

We are effectively focusing on planning , strategies ,optimization research and implement solutions on an organisation relates to technologies or equipment that can be used to store , retrive , transmit and manipulte data.

Managed IT services

  • Managed IT Services go beyond basic support to provide companies with IT stability, security, and efficiency.
    • IT Automation
    • Priority Support
    • Full Network Maintenance
    • Documentation & Inventory
    • IT Consulting & Strategy

Security and Virus Protection

  • We let you focus on your business and let you stop worrying about security. From antivirus and malware protection to security policies and access control, we think about security every day so that you don’t have to.
    • Endpoint Protection & Antivirus
    • Cloud Security Services
    • Server Protection and Security
    • User and Access Permissions
    • Security Training and Policy
    • Custom Security Audit & Plan

Server and Network Support

  • Too many businesses let their servers, data, and networks go unmanaged for weeks or months at a time. Don’t expose your central IT infrastructure to risk by ignoring warning signs or failing to perform maintenance and security tasks. Let us take care of your systems to ensure business productivity.
    • Server Setups and Upgrades
    • Server and Network Monitoring & Maintenance
    • VPN and Remote Access
    • Firewall and Network Security
    • Windows, Mac, and Cloud Servers
    • WiFi and Network Security

Email and Cloud Services

  • We help companies improve access, save money, and increase security with carefully selected cloud services for email, documents, calendars, and contacts.
    • Email Retention, Archiving, and Ownership
    • Enterprise Grade Email
    • Access Data Anywhere
    • Access from Mobile Devices
    • Email Service Setup and Migration

Desktop and User Support

  • We’re just a phone call or email away. Our team can offer you a wide range of expertise.
    • On-site and remote support
    • Workstation management and maintenance
    • Mobile device support and sync
    • Antivirus, Backup, and Security
    • IT inventory and tracking
    • Workstation upgrades and replacements

Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Your company’s data is critical to business operations. Ensure you have a professional backup solution with redundancy, monitoring, support and recovery processes. We implement simple and redundant solutions to truly protect your data and offer you peace of mind.
    • Continuous, 24/7 Backup of Company Data
    • File Version History and Quick Restore
    • Image Backup with Bare-Metal Recovery
    • Disaster Recovery Service for Minimal Downtime
    • Backup of Email, Cloud and Web Services
    • Backup Laptops on the Go
Creative content

3. Digital media production / Content creation

We’re a full-service content laboratory for the 21st century. In- house studios furnished with modern equipment make our end- to-end process streamlined and nimble.


We have one goal – to create content that works. And today, that can mean a whole lot of things in addition to simply meeting business objectives. Does it work within the budget? Will it work within the timeline? Does it work for target segmentation? What about the platform? And did we mention the budget? Brands today comes with no shortage of guardrails, And that is perfectly fine with us. We believe the smaller the box, the bigger the idea.

Our seamless integration with media ensures that we not only make the best content possible but that it’s backed by laser focus targeting, instant analytics and absolutely, positively no ad waste.


Our forward-thinking team of storytellers, featuring industry veterans and digital natives, nurture digital and broadcast productions through all phases of development—from research to post-production to launch.


Storyboard , Motion design .Animation visual effects our posse of expert artist and animators is armed with top-tier tools and software to bring imaginative concepts to life and win over clients.

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